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Daiwa Tenkara Fly Line Y 5 M PK

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Daiwa Tenkara Fly Line Y 5 M PK

Price €11.45
Item # 4960652187220
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Manufacturer info DAIWA
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Line diameter (mm): 0.6 Line color: Pink Eye color: Pink winding amount (m): 5 Winding amount (m): 5
Fly line dedicated to Tenkara. Floating type easy to handle even for beginners. By using the fly line type in Tenkara fishing, it is possible to cope with a wide flat flow and small hair burr which could not attack before. Moreover, because there is weight in the line, it is strong against wind, easy for a beginner to throw. Born in Japan, the attraction of the fly line tenkara is that it has high game characteristics with the light incorporating Western style. ■ Fly line type that has moderate weight and easy to throw. Unlike other Tenkara lines, floating type floating on water makes it possible to mend to make it difficult for the line to be taken by the flow when aiming at a distant point. ■ Easy connection with a polyester made Titian. Easy detachment with a knob thread for the Tsutsumi. Because it changes the color of Tichiwa according to the length of the thread, it is easy to distinguish the gimmick as it is wound in the thread winding. ■ Line up the length of 3 types (4 m / 5 m / 7 m) that you can choose from fishing rods and your favorite fishing method. ■ It is excellent in strength and durability, so it can be used many times. ■ Monofilament PVC coat line is difficult to stick yarn. * The image of the product you are posting is displaying the representative image. Moreover, the color may look different from the real one. Please be forewarned.

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